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Twitter Marketing Tips To Build A Following

By Empowered Ninjas On February 8, 2015 No Comments
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Twitter Marketing Tips To Build A Following


Today I want to talk a bit about Twitter.  For a few years I stopped talking alot about Twitter as I got a bit Pissed with them after I had my Twitter account suspended with 60,000 Followers.  The reason for this was I was told was because I used a piece of automated software and at that specific time they decided to change the rules.  Even though I made lots of money from Twitter, got lots of coaching clients and made a lot of affiliate sales using Twitter.  Losing such a big account which I had taken a couple of years to grow did get my back up.

Ha Ha, I would be lying if I said it didn’t so for a year or two I stopped spending any time or effort on Twitter just set up another Twitter account and I posted my Facebook Updates onto it via Automation.  Yes Indeed, in a set and forget it type of way. The crazy thing was about three or maybe four years later I logged into an old gmail account, one that I had used to setup my Twitter and found an email from Twitter I had missed.

I had appealed to Twitter to reinstate my Twitter account  and they sent me an email back saying to reply to them and tell them that i would stop using automated software and aggressively following people on Twitter.  So after three or four years I answered it, next thing I checked my email and I got loads of messages from people following me, yes after 3 or 4 years I got 55,000 of my 60,000 Twitter followers back Happy Days.

I learned a few things from this the first thing was not to follow a thousand people a day. The second thing was go a little more easily on the amount of people I follow and Unfollow on a daily basis.

I now get my 7 year old son to do my Twitter follows and unfollows every day as this saves me  lots of time in return for some monthly game subscriptions 😉 that way I free up more of my time and he get’s what he wants too, its a win win situation. You could also outsource the job and get someone else to do it for you there are lots of people in the Philippines who will do your tasks full time for a couple of hundred dollars a month as well.

There are other sites like elance.com or getafreelancer.com where you can post a job and people from all around the world will bid for it. This is another way to get a social media account manager too. 

Doing it this way will take you longer ,but you will be sure to be followed by real people and not a load of robots.  That means when you post a tweet, the more people that  follow you.  The more people will see your posts, tweets and content, that way you can end up getting subscribers and sales regularly via your Twitter account.  

I have gathered over 84,500 Twitter Followers using these strategies and you can too.  Hope you found this useful, if you did please feel free to share this tweet it to your friends or post it to your Facebook wall. 


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Twitter Marketing Tips To Build A Following

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How To Start An Internet Business

By Empowered Ninjas On February 8, 2015 No Comments

How To Start An Internet Business

Thinking about starting your own Internet Business then you are probably looking for options and ideas where you can start making money online.  About 10 years ago I was probably in a similar position to what you are in now. 

I had a feeling that I should be able to make money online even though I hadn’t made my first online sale.  I set up a couple of website via website builders and started posting banners on them. 

Wishing for the money to start rolling in but it didn’t, after about six months one day I visualised some cheques arriving in the mail. Strangely enough the next week I got two cheques in the mail. And one other commission as well. 

They where for someone buying a ticket to a property seminar, someone bought a landlords insurance package and someone else had applied for a credit card. Finally i realised it was possible for me to make money online. 

About a year later I went to an Internet Marketing Seminar and signed up for about £12000 worth of Internet Marketing courses. I learned lots of different strategies for marketing online and started making more money.  

It was hard at first but I kept buying trainings and got better I started making money using Twitter, You Tube, Google Adwords and also setting up websites for people selling different Internet Marketing Tools And Software.

And probably spent about $ 120,000 on trainings software and Internet Marketing Tools in the process.  If you want to start your own Internet Business you can spend years messing around.  Paying for courses and learning what things work and what doesn’t work ..  

Or you can just use the system I used to make more money than I made in any of my other single online businesses so far.   Yes you can get access to the shortcut system that has made me nearly 50k so far.  

Included in this business are more trainings and value than I got learning from a lot of Top Internet Marketers and the crazy thing is you can start using this system today for a few measly dollars.  

The products are digital so there are no shipping costs, no delivery, and no customer support to deal with, in fact you can run this business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet Connection. 

I provide my team members with personal weekly training as well and you also have access to me via Skype Facebook or Telephone.   So you have a couple of options here. You can do what I did and spend years and thousands to get where I am now, or you can shortcut it and learn from me and avoid the mistakes I made along the way.

You get access to a ready made system and can do what I would lhave oved to have done ten years ago.  Just found that shortcut to success, as a part of this team you will also get access to personal trainings from my mentor, who has made over $ 700,000 using this business, and made $ 70k in a single month. Please see the income disclaimer, as not every one will make that or put in the effort that we do. 

So it’s up to you decide what you would like to do, the great thing is You Don’t Have to Go It Alone and we would love to have you as part of our team. So feel free to click the link below Enter Your Email and find out more about this business. 

Any questions feel free to hit me up on Facebook or send me an email at sotiris@wealthclub.ws

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How To Start An Internet Business

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Ways To Make Money Online At Home (Part1)

By Empowered Ninjas On February 4, 2015 No Comments

In todays article I would like to tell you some ways to make money online At home.

There are in fact too many ways to talk about in just one article, but with over ten years experience working online, there are quite a number of ideas I will be able to give you, that you can use to make money at home.

Firstly, I will start off by listing some of the different ways to make money and then I will talk a little about each of them.

Ebay – You can register for a seller account with Ebay it is Free. Once you do that you can start listing products that you want to sell on Ebay.  A lot of people on Ebay make a fortune selling stuff on Ebay though there are some fundementals you would be learning from successful Ebay sellers as there are also a lot of people on Ebay who do not make very much. 

Pros- Buyers market people on Ebay are sitting with their credit/debit card out ready to buy, Access to Millions Of Buyers and Sellers, Big money can be made if you learn what you are doing.

Cons- Listing Fees it costs you to list items on Ebay so if items do not sell you can lose money, Not everyone makes a lot of money, There can be a lot of competition in many Ebay Products which can cut down or eliminate your profit margin completely.

Amazon – With Amazon there are a few possibilities and ways to make money 

1. You can register as a seller and sell your own items on Amazon.

2. You can join the Amazon Associates programme and sell products as an Amazon affiliate via your website, videos or various other online marketing strategies.

3. You can Also create an Amazon Shop On Your Website they also give you lots of marketing tools like pictures, widgets and banners that you can use to sell Amazon Products.

Amazon Seller Pros-Amazon turns over millions on a daily basis, people trust doing shopping or buying on the Amazon website as it is a well known brand name, People who visit Amazon are often looking to buy something and have credit card in hand.

Amazon listings appear at the top of Google so if you advertise under the right keywords so it is easy to get your ads seen on Google therefore driving lots of buyers to your listings.  As a seller you get whatever you sell the product for minus a commission I think it may be around 15% you would need to check with Amazon to get the exact figures. It is Free to list your product on Amazon so if you get no buyers it doesn’t cost you anything.

Cons- If your product is not unique you might have a lot of competition, which can make it harder to make a profit as some sellers sell stuff for a rediculously, low price to get rid of stock or get their sales volume up to increase their Amazon commission rates.  If you get too many customer complaints Amazon can and will ban you it happened to me all because a buyer in Brazil was trying to get stuff for free and did a chargeback on my account. You do not get access to the customers email anymore so you cannot build a list of buyers :-(  The commission rate Amazon charges is quite high

Amazon Associates –  As an affiliate of Amazon you can sell other peoples products and get paid a commission for it.

Pros – Amazon has practically every kind of product you can think of so you have a huge range of products you can make a commission on.  Because of Amazons upsells, someone could click on your affilliate link to buy a set of dumbells and end up buying a $ 1200 home fitness suite instead. They also have all kinds of marketing materials from pictures,banners,widgets and even embedded online stores for your blog or website. Your commission rates increase when you sell more products.

Cons- Commission rates are very low from about 3% to maybe up to 9 or 10% if you are selling hundreds of items a quarter you can check the latest prices at Amazon.Com.  You do not get to track who the buyers where or get their contact details even if they came from your website.

CEX – CEX is a store where you can buy and sell electronics everything from games, DVDs,Computers,Mobile Phones, Games consoles and much more so if you need money you can flog your unwanted electronics.  The other possibility is you could maybe buy something cheap in Amazon and sell it in CEX for a higher price, Or Buy something in CEX for a low price and sell it on Amazon or Ebay for a higher price. :-)

Pros- Great way to get rid of old electronics you may not be using around the house, If you can see a big enough margin between buy and sell price then you can make money and listing the items on Amazon is free.  Plus CEX tells you on their website what price they will buy your stuff for..  

Cons-  You could buy CEX products that don’t sell on Amazon, Many items may not have enough of a margin to make a good profit. There may not be a CEX store to buy or sell your products near you

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Free Video – How To Live An Exceptional Life

By Empowered Ninjas On January 30, 2015 1 Comment


Free Video – How To Live An Exceptional Life




Free Video – How To Live An Exceptional Life

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New Kalatu Launch Hangout

By Empowered Ninjas On January 7, 2015 No Comments

Loving The New Kalatu Blog

By Empowered Ninjas On December 27, 2014 No Comments

Loving The New Kalatu Blog 

I justed wanted to say I am loving my new blogging platform for anyone who has not got access yet you will be getting it in January 2015.. 


It Rocks you can check mine out Here 


Loving The New Kalatu Blog 

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IPAS Conversion Secrets Hangout

By Empowered Ninjas On December 22, 2014 No Comments

IPAS Conversion Secrets Hangout

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IPAS Conversion Secrets Hangout

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N Relate Plugin Says Goodbye From End Of December

By Empowered Ninjas On December 22, 2014 No Comments

N Relate Plugin Says Goodbye From End Of December

In case you have a wordpress blog and are using the N Relate Plugin it is going to be dissapearing at the end of December 2014.

The great thing about N Relate plugin is at the bottom of every post it shows some images of similar blog posts. That then gives people something else to click on and read and keeps them on your website longer.

This in turn lowers your bounce rate on your blog which can help your Google ranking. Even though the bad news is that N relate is going away. 

The good news is there is another plugin you can use instead called related posts by Zemanta which pretty much does the same thing. 

If you are a blogger and wanting to make a passive residual income online from blogging then you may want to find out more about our Viral Blogging System at a large discount while it is still available.

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N Relate Plugin Says Goodbye From End Of December

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Andy Harrington: Public Speaking Tutorial

By Empowered Ninjas On December 21, 2014 No Comments


Andy Harrington: Public Speaking Tutorial


Essentials for public speaking (Stress Free Speaker System)

Your State

1. Physiology – Breathing take a breath

2. Focus – Look at one thing fovial vision looking or focusing at one thing  or peripheral vision look at everything.Keep awareness of outside of the computer screen this will make you more relaxed. Take in everything using peripheral vision.Be yourself drop the act nobody is perfect be real. You are important and you are good enough to stand and deliver this material. 

3. Have a professional stance – Stand near the front of the stage not at the back have your feet hip width apart, feet point straight forward .  Do not do ten to two with your feet, Upright lenghened spine.

4. Tonality – Control your tonality change the voice pattern, change your voice , medium pace pitch and volume.  Crystal clear clarity sounding. Change your tonality raise the volume shorter faster more excitement. Last voice pattern slow right down pause for even longer than you even thought possible lengthen the words very slowly.  Or do a complete pattern interrupt.

5. Eye Contact – Make eye contact when connecting with someone make sure you have good eye contact . This fulfills your audiences need for significance. Focus and hold that bond for longer than you want. Connect with your audience show who you are. Must be randomly done.. Hold eye contact until bond is created. 

6. How Do You Move Your Hands Around – So it adds value rather than distracting from your speaking.

Please Note These Techniques Are Also Great For Using On Videos As Well.  :-) 

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Andy Harrington: Public Speaking Tutorial

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What Motivates You To Work From Home

By Empowered Ninjas On December 19, 2014 No Comments

What Motivates You To Work From Home

When it comes to building a work from home business motivation can be a very important element of creating a successful business.

As with anything the more motivated you are and the more effort you are willing to put into your business.  The higher the chance of succeeding.

Here Are Some Things That Push People Over The Edge And Motivate Them To Create A Successful Home Based Business.

1. Not sitting in endless traffic jams in rush hour traffic every morning and evening.

2. Deciding that no one will tell you when to take your holidays, Or when you can actually go on your holidays.

3. When you decide that your work should be something you love or really enjoy doing and not seem like an annoying thing you want to escape from.

4. No one telling you when you are allowed to go to the toilet, or when you can go on a lunch break or tea break and what time to be back. 

5. No punching in a time card anymore or lining up like a sheep. 

6. Work with who you want whenever you want.

7. Lying in can also be an option too :-)

8. Getting to watch your children grow up instead only seeing them when you  come home from work and tuck them into bed at night.

9. Being able to take your kids and pick them up from school every day.

10. Being there for your kids and family when they need you.

11. Be able to afford to go on holiday at will without having to save for months or years in advance. 

12. Telling your boss what you think of them and saying to your Boss.


These where some of the reasons that motivated me to start a work from home business 10 years ago.

Feel Free To Post In The Comments Any Reasons You Have Or Have Had In the Past. 


If you are ready to take charge of your life and want to know how to be able to have an online home based business, while having a life like me  :-) 

Then Click Here For More Information


Look forward to welcoming you into our online business community :-) 


What Motivates You To Work From Home

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